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  • Kaie

    constrictor golf travel bag

    Amazon - Jan 6, 2020

    "My friend had this bag and I borrowed it on multiple occasions. So impressed, I decided to quit being a mooch and buy my own. Well worth it."

  • Nick D

    Constrictor Golf travel bag

    Amazon - Oct 20, 2019

    "Bag is well constructed. Stays well balanced when pulling off of sidewalk curbs, etc.
    One of my wheels got busted. Don’t know how it happened but it wasn’t due to poor construction. Called customer service (Rod) and they immediately shipped replacement. Rod went above and beyond with customer service when he proactively asked when I was traveling with my clubs again. I was 4 days away from my next trip so they expedited shipping and I had new bag in 2 days."

  • jo

    enforcer Golf travel bag

    Amazon - Jan 17, 2021

    "Very strong well constructed travel case. I like that there are no hinges, which tend to break easily especially during air travel. This case has a strong zipper which goes 3/4 around the case. It’s also roomy enough inside to accommodate some clothing or shoes if needed."

  • 50ish

    enforcer Golf travel bag

    Amazon - Jan 19, 2021

    "Just used it once... traveled from Mpls/St Paul, Minnesota to Cancun Mexico (and back). No damage to clubs, and was also able to stuff extra souvenir's/clothing in the bag. The hard top protected my golf clubs well. The soft bottom 2/3rd wasn't too sagged a little, but I was still able to pull it through the airport fine. I like that the soft bottom allows it to be folded up into a smaller storage area. I would recommend this product."

  • R Kinnee

    Phoenix Golf travel bag

    Amazon - Nov 20, 2019

    "This item has a large amount of space to pack miscellaneous items, such as jacket, shoes, etc. The inner pockets are also spacious. Even with a cart golf bag I have plenty of room for other storage and the weight still came in at less than 50 pounds. The tent pole worked well with the travel bag for club protection."

  • Choprime99

    Phoenix Golf travel bag

    Amazon - Feb 21, 2020

    "Having previous experience with other golf travel bags. I was looking for a full front unzip to get the clubs in the travel bag. The one's with only a single zip opening is very much harder to get the golf bag into it. This bag checks that box, the whole front of the bag unzips (both sides) so it is much easier and faster getting my cart golf bag into it.
    The other thing I was seeking was more room, as I usually put as much clothes, shoes and toiletries in the travel bag as I can without going over the airline weight limit. This bag definitely checks that box, fits my cart bag and has plenty of room for a 3 or 4 day golf trip."

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