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CADDY DADDY Faux Leather Wine Golf Cooler Bag with 2 Extended Pockets
Embrace the convenience of having your chilled drinks readily accessible as you play with our Premium Faux Leather Wine Golf Cooler Bag. This accessory appeals to golf enthusiasts and wine lovers, making it a versatile present that embodies a seamless fusion of leisure and luxury. Encased in premium synthetic leather fabric, this chic accessory effortlessly exudes opulence and sophistication. It is ingeniously designed to cater to the needs of wine or champagne connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life. This versatile cooler is not just limited to the golf course; it's perfect for picnics, beach outings, BBQs, and any outdoor occasions where you want to enjoy chilled wine or champagne in style. Its smooth, polished appearance adds a touch of class to any occasion, whether you're teeing off on the fairway or gathering with friends at a picnic. The leather used is 100% faux, so it's vegan. It's a testament to our commitment to luxury and ethical sourcing, allowing you to indulge in the finest materials guilt free. Also, it is designed to accommodate most golf bags. It is compact and becomes a seamless addition to your golfing gear.

fore vino wine / champaGNE bottle cooler

  • Designed to Chill One Wine or Champagne Bottle
  • Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Available in Navy or Copper Colors
  • Includes 1 Golf Ball Wine Stopper
  • Padded Carry Handle

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