• "Claw is  tougher than snow tires."
  • "It's light and the most comfortable glove I've used."
  • "Best gripping glove I've ever used"
  • "The airflow through this glove is almost magical"
The Claw Golf Glove is an innovative breathable glove with extraordinary grip, superior comfort and remarkable durability over standard leather gloves
Claw Golf Gloves will not Blacken, Crack, Harden or Tear unlike leather golf gloves.
Flex-Mesh design with exclusive silicone-web coating and mesh fabric allow the Claw to last 3-5 times longer than standard leather golf gloves.
Microfiber palm boosts airflow and breathability while the silicone Web coating provides superior grip and allows the Claw to look new longer than leather.
The Claw Golf Glove has airflow cooling technology with our microfiber palm and mesh fabric backing.
The Claw Golf Glove is Machine washable.  Try that with your leather glove.
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