golf bag cooler
List 21.99
The 6 pack golf bag beer and beverage cooler is designed for smaller stand bags. Many of our customers asked us to create a smaller version of our popular 9 pack golf bag beer cooler..., so we did!. The 6 pack cooler accommodates 6 beers or beverages. We’ve tested this cooler on numerous smaller golf bags to ensure a great fit. Like the 9 pack golf bag cooler the 6 pack will keep your beverages cold for a full 18 holes.
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• Side zipper which allows for easy access from your golf bag
• 21 Ice Pack Koozie Included
• Easy lift handle for carrying to the course
• Zipper pocket for additional golf gear

• Removable shoulder strap
• Heat Sealed Liner
• 16" x 6" x 2.5" dimensions